About us

Bartolo Brass Studio owner Albert Bartolo has had 35 years’ experience in copper smithing and caning processes. Based in Pagewood, Albert has set up a unique workshop which specialises in Fabrication and restoration of bronze and other nonferrous metals.


Albert offers a dedicated service for any art project you may have. If you already have Existing bronze, take advantage of our maintenance package for refurbishing, mounting, repatination or general restoration of heritage brass and bronze.


Albert has spent more than 35 years developing skills and techniques to restore beauty and integrity to fine art objects. In this time, Albert has been commissioned on project ranging from repairs and restoration of statuettes to major multi-million dollar architectural projects involving grand bronze entry doors, spiral staircases, windows, balustrade, lighting, the list is endless.


Recently, Albert has been involved in repair, restoration and conservation of heritage listed antique bronze and copper alloy items for art galleries, government bodies and antique dealers.


Albert is aware of the aura of age and the reverence of a fine antique and combines restoration with conservation and treats all his work with a sensitivity that allows him to go where the original artist went and recreate what has been lost or damaged. Conservation is the province of restoration the challenge and the delight of his work. It is the blending of Science and Art.