If metal is not maintained then all surfaces will age and wear overtime producing unsightly blemishes and oxidation. Patination (colour treatment) will become dull and lifeless. With the correct remedial treatment sculptures can be restored to their former beauty.


Our cities, parks and public plazas exhibit fine old sculptures and there exists a misconception that 'they will last for ever' because they are 'made of bronze'. However, bronze is a delicate alloy composed primarily of the soft metal, copper and the survival of sculptures placed outdoors depends on many factors, not least of which is the cleaning and maintenance they are given.


Sculptures placed in an indoor setting are usually far less apt to acquire severe damage and/or degradation as those placed outdoors. In many cases, the steps required in protecting and preserving indoor artworks are no more than adhering to a basic maintenance program of simple surface cleaning and light waxing.


Outdoor sculptures afford a different scenario and require regular maintenance and surfaces must be sealed to protect them, in particular from man-made pollutants. Maintenance schedules are dependent on many factors ranging from location to climate conditions.


Some of our specialised service includes:


    * Architectural metal refinishing

    * Bronzing and Patination.       

    * Cleaning, maintenance and refinishing

    * Fabrication Repair & Renovation

    * Graffiti removal

    * Statue re-location